The Worry Trap

This book by Dr. Chad LeJeune presents a step-by-step approach to anxiety and worry which integrates the relaxation, thought monitoring, and exposure elements of CBT with the acceptance and mindfulness elements of ACT. Dr. LeJeune, a founding fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, teaches and speaks widely on the topic of CBT, and he has been an ACT practitioner for over 15 years. The book includes a forward by Steven C. Hayes, the founder of acceptance and commitment therapy.

The LLAMP Approach to worry and anxiety

The Worry Trap presents a five-step model that can help you to interrupt the "control instinct" that is part of the fight-or-flight response and become more accepting of your thoughts and feelings while also becoming more focused on the present-moment and taking actions that are guided by your values rather than by the avoidance of anxiety.

The five steps are contained in the acronym LLAMP:

  • Label "anxious thoughts"
  • Let go of control
  • Accept and observe thoughts and feelings
  • Mindfulness of the present moment
  • Proceed in the right direction

The Worry Trap presents step-by-step instruction and exercises that allow you to practice and develop each of these steps as an individual skill. With practice, the steps begin to flow one into another, so that applying LLAMP becomes a fluid process. Labeling certain thoughts as "anxious thoughts" is a cue to Let go of the control response, which makes room for Acceptance and Mindfulness of your thoughts, feelings, and experience in the present moment, which allows you to Proceed with valued, purposeful action.